How it works ?

The Jobs section of IndoJapanPulse is deliberately kept simple, for both “Talent Seeker” and “Job Seeker”. It`s aimed to connect the community.

The steps are very simple to follow :

Talent Seeker 

  1. Under the main menu “Jobs” press sub-menu “Post Job” and input the Job Details.
  2. Press “Review”. Review the info and either press “Edit Listing” if you want to edit more or “Submit Listing” if fine with information and done.
  3. For monitoring the applicants, (need sign in), use the “Employer Dashboard” option under Jobs menu.

Job Seeker 

  1. Under the main menu “Jobs” press “Search Job” and input Keyword of Job you want to look for and input optional Location.
  2. Press on the listing of your interest and press button “ApplyJob” and you will get the e-mail ID of the employer where you will send the resume.


How It Works!

Hope this helps to bring the community closer and generates more opportunity in shorter loop cycles.

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