Tokyo Falcons honors players in the Annual Award Night Event

The Stage was set
On 2nd December, Sunday, Award night kicked off from 6:00 pm with 100+ cricket lovers in the graceful presence of Mr. Masu Hideyuki, Edogawa-Ku City Councilor. The event was held in a beautiful theatre styled hall, with red sofa seats in  Kasai Resident`s Hall. The place is embraced with a huge stage, not smaller than a real movie theatre, with hosts Kudip Bisht & Prem Keswani on the left, visuals played in the center (controlled by Gaurav Bhatia) and award trophies waiting for the winners on the right side of the stage Manish Kapil & Sagar taking charge of same.

Participants as one complete family
The event started from welcoming all the team members from Junior (boys, girls teams) and Seniors teams along with their families.  Amazing visuals with videos and pictures were shared to highlight the major events of last year.

Key Notes
Sandeep Chakraborty started with Keynotes by recaptured the moments right from vision & dream with which the club started till recent achievements by the Senior team, Junior boys and Junior girls teams. Sameep Dawar shared the vision of coming season on how the Senior and Junior club will progress and function. He re-affirmed the positive improvements in the club as the club goes ahead in the next session.

Edogawa-Ku Masu Hideyuki`s encouraging words
Masu-san, city Councilor from last 8 years and very helpful for Indian Community in Japan,  took the stage and shared his encouraging words for the Tokyo Falcons in his speech saying “Would like to request Tokyo Falcons to work on a club looking 10 years ahead, 20 years ahead. Would like to see the club expanding so much that the number of members outgrows this hall the hall`s capacity”.  He also distributed awards to the key players during this event. Also a very senior member from the Indian community, Mr. Pandey attended the event.

Parent`s Voice
Players and Parents were given the stage for expressing their thoughts where one of the parents said “We can`t imagine that we have a cricket girls team in Japan” and thanked Kirti Jain and Tokyo Falcons for the same. [perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]One parent & senior player, Prem Jha, exclaimed “This club is providing an opportunity to passionate kids, who can live their dream for playing cricket at this level with season ball, is really commendable. Thank you Tokyo Falcons”[/perfectpullquote]

The night was exactly as per its name, with awards taking the major part of the events. In the process, all junior participants were given “Certificate of Appreciation”, along with awards for Cricket Blast and the Under-15 team. For Senior teams, the Div 2 and Div 3 teams were awarded for their performances in the season. Div 2 which was unbeaten in the whole series was the highlight of the team awards.

Kids and grownups were hooting for their friends in anticipation throughout the ceremony making it a lively atmosphere till the end.

Award for Seniors

Lucky Draw for all
Lucky-draw was also arranged which resulted in awards of season ball with Falcon club stamp on the same. The annual event was concluded with Sameep Dawar`s closing notes.

Tokyo Falcon stamped season ball
One of the Lucky winners
Happy faces till the end

Indo Japan Pulse was humbled to be invited to become a part of the  Annual gala of Tokyo Falcons Award Night. We thank them for making IndoJapanPulse as a part of the event and even chose us to cover the event.

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